What others are saying about Illogical Success: A Creative's Innovative Path

When I read Illogical Success, by artist and creative, Kimb Tiboni Manson, my mind started to ping on all the people who would find this book valuable.

Any creative person who wants to live their artistry as a profitable career will find that Kimb's insights light the way. Yet she delivers to a broader audience than that. Parents of creative children who struggle with structured learning will find Illogical Success to be comforting with hope and proof! Adults who used to be those creative children will also find renewed strength to live the life they were born to live.

Teachers who believe in tapping the creative will get confirmation that their approach has worth. You might even invite Kimb to speak to your creative students to buoy their confidence and zest for learning their way.

This book, at a small price, delivers big.
~Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach

If there is one thing that I learned from Kimb Tiboni is that it doesn't take being a know-it-all to know it all. It simply takes embracing one’s creative side and taking a leap of faith. That is what has made Kimb the successfully creative business woman she is today. In her book, Illogical Success she not only shows her readers how she journeyed down her path to success, but how they can also weave their own successful creative paths. It’s a must read for anyone ready to take the leap of faith with or without the conventional tools that society claims that one must have to be successful. - Princess Clark-Wendel, MBA , Worry Free Living Financial Expert


So who's a Creative out there? This is a book for you. Learn from someone who's lived the experience of being told she was nuts for trying, battled with the doubt and worry of a budding entrepreneur and successfully built a creative business. Read the many stories and lessons that can shorten your learning curve ! - Deborah M Dubree, Clear Edge


Congratulations Kimb. I really enjoyed following your journey through your words. It's a good book with a narrow market appeal, though just about anyone could get value from it. - Jim Cathcart


As an home-based entrepreneur for the last 30+ years, I can say with certainty that your book is spot-on with solid advice and excellent ideas for the Creative who wants to strike out on his/her own. Congratulations - you nailed it! - Dave Balch, CopingUniversity.com


Knowing Kimb's talent and work ethic as I do I am very much looking forward to learning more about her journey to becoming the illogically successful creative that she is! - Denise Griffitts, Your Office On The Web http://yourofficeontheweb.com


Do you go through life day by day wondering…..”what if…..what if I just up and quit my humdrum office job and all I did was paint…..draw….write…..re-decorate…..sing….dance…..”…..do you wonder “what if I was brave enough to give this crazy hobby a life of it’s own?”….if even for a millisecond, you have wondered “what if”….read this book.  Illogical Success is Kimb’s story.  This is how she got out of the mundane life of waitressing.  She got out of the grind following her “what if”.  She took a Leap of Faith and wants to share her successes with you!  Her ups and her downs…..her suggestions as to how you can make a success of your life and encourages you to take that Leap of Faith and join her on her journey.  Kimb is truly an inspiration – her book is a must read to anyone and everyone- whether you are a Creative or not!!  She could help you change your life as much as she changed her own!Honestly, what have you got to lose?  Get her book and enjoy the first step on your Creative journey!

Sini M. Nummelin,Technical Assistant


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