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The term “Creative” was something that popped into the market not too long ago, or at least became more popular with the internet. A person, who creates art and graphics for a person or company, is usually labeled their Creative. At first I found the terminology weird. Why simply not call me a designer, or a graphic artist? As time passed, I realized that being labeled Creative suits me just fine.

A creative person is born that way, and signs show up very early, whether someone is a sculptor, painter, animator, flower arranger, interior decorator or actor. If you are a creative person, you have been without a doubt, born to be so- and are strongly influenced by the right side of your brain, and very likely, your subconscious mind.

As time goes on, most Creative’s face the reality of the real world. You get an education and a “real” job. But that creative part is never happy. Your creativity becomes a hobby and in most cases, nothing more than something that might have been.

Ask yourself: “Am I truly happy dwelling in the left side of my brain?  Was I born to be a paper pusher?” Or is it time to dive back into that right hemisphere and explore the many untapped opportunities that await you?

Years ago - before computers - the advertising art world was very limited to people with unbelievable skills and talent, and to get into that world very specific education was required.

However, even in today’s world, a “properly educated” Creative has been trained to be something different than what was originally intended. They become textbook creators, following rules and guidelines. However, I think that in creativity, there should be no limits.

Great artists that walked this earth from DaVinci to Donattello, were never formally trained as they are today. They created communities of creativity, where they shared and inspired each other. Their creativity came from a very special place.  They were born with it. They stuck with it. They practiced it. They became famous for it.

I am happy to say that Creative’s can now do this again. A Creative can now, at any point, harness the energy from within, even without the “right”education, and make a success of their true path.

The biography portion of this book will be focused on the path of the want-to-be graphic artist, I, Kimb and the leaps of faith I took to find my Illogical Success.

However, the tips you will find throughout this book can be applied to anyone with strong passion and a dream to become an entrepreneur and share your product, art, writings or small business visions with the world.

I know that it takes a leap of faith and very little money to do so. In this mini book, I will share with you the techniques, tricks and technology that after 40 years allowed my path to change.

It is never too late to be the Creative you were meant to be!



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"Do not follow where the path may lead.Go instead where there is no path,and leave a trail."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson